Crown Key Necklace

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- This is my gift to you. - he said as he was reaching out his hand holding something in it. She took it and carefully inspected it.

- What is this? - She asked without taking her eyes off of the key shaped pendant hanging on a silver chain, crowned with a small, yet beautiful, amethyst. 

- This is the key to my heart! Take care of it, for as long as it is with you I will be alive! - He said with a tear in his eyes.

- If you ever want to talk to me just tap it onto your forehead and you will hear me in your thoughts or kiss it before going to bed and we will see each other in your dreams.-

- Please, don't go! Stay with me! - she burst into tears and fell down on her knees.

- I'm sorry, you know I can't... - he already started to fade away. He dropped down next to her and gave her one last kiss before he was completely gone. She kept crying until the nightfall. She rushed to her bed, kissed the key and quickly fell asleep. She couldn't wait to see him. As promised, he appeared in front of her. They spent the whole dream in each others arms, without saying a single word. When she woke up, a single tear fell down her cheek. Ever since, until her death, she would kiss the key in order to see her beloved in her dreams and allow him to see her.